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Welcome to Tappan Zee High School

and South Orangetown Middle School Student Art Submissions!

National PTA’s Reflections program has helped students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life. 

The theme for the 2019-2020 program year is “Look Within”. Students submit their completed works of art at their school in one or all of the available arts categories: Choreography, Composition, Dance, Film Production, Literature, Music Photography, Special Arts, and Visual Arts. Each year, over 300,000 students in Pre-K through Grade 12 create original works of art in response to a student-selected theme. Student winners from the local level have the opportunity to move up through their district, region, council and state PTA programs to the national level. National Reflections winners are announced in May and celebrated annually at National PTA's Convention & Expo in June. National PTA then collects and curates the traveling exhibit for the next year.

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A. "A Wondrous Heart", by Hunnah J.

"The theme of my artwork "Look Within" is represented by the young girl holding a mystical heart bursting with celestial lights and galaxy. On the outside, she looks like an average girl; when you look within her, you would be enlightened by her great worth. She holds a "galaxy" of imagination and compassion. Thus, one should not judge someone based on his or her appearance, but should look within the person to evaluate the true essence."

Mixed media, acrylic, watercolor, collage on canvas,16 x 20"

B. "To Look Within", by Jaden T.

"This piece represents how when one takes the time to look within oneself, ones inner demons come out. Since these demons are now visible one is able to more effectively deal with them, and therefore become a better person."

Digital print, 3 1/8 x 3 1/8"


C. "Floating", by Eujin L.

"Today , there is so much pressure on high school students to excellent most things. From academics to extracurriculars, students are often busy trying to maintain standards, that not only parents and teachers set up for them, but also standards they set up for themselves. Therefore, it may become easy for students to neglect their mental health. Thus, I wanted to address how important it is for students, like myself to "Look Within" often and check up on their mental health."

Acrylic on paper, 22 x 14"


D. "The Power Within", Austin H.

"This normal human being is star struck by the powers within himself. He doesn't know how to handle it so he tries to hide it."

Marker and pencil on paper, 8 x 10"

E. "Untitled" by Roman M.

"My work describes the 2019-2020 theme 0f 'Look Within' because it shows that one cannot look into another person.  Every person thinks and feels differently, the only person who understands their true nature is themselves."

Color Pencil and marker on paper, 8 3/4 x 6"


F. "Look Within", by Cadia L.

"This is a picture of my feelings. Some are happy, some sad, some are scared, and some joyful."

Marker Drawing & Collage, 20 x 30"

G. "The Gateway to the Soul" by Michael S.

"I took a picture of my eye because people say you can tell alot about a person by looking into their eyes."

Photograph, 10 x 13"


H. "Into the Shadows Together", by Laura M

"This photo relates to the theme because its showing a bond between a girl and her dog and how no matter what they will walk into the scariest places on earth. As long as they are together nothing can ever get in their way."

Photograph, 14 x 11"

I. "If Only", by Matthew T. 

"A poem describing, Looking into oneself, what one might find, and the difficulty of the journey, although there is my interpretation, which was understood before the piece was written, this piece can be imagined through different perspectives."

Creative Writing 


J. "Imagination", by Vanessa S.  

"Within, we have the power to use our imagination to make this world a better, more colorful place."

Mixed Media, 12 x 18" 

K. "Nobody Is Nobody", by Hela G. 

"My work relates to the theme because this girl is feeling like she is a nobody. She was presented as a nobody.She is trying to pull the nobody out of her so she can become somebody."

Pencil Drawing 


L. "What Lies Beneath", by Jack F.

The theme: Look Within, relates to my work because people that have depression or take drugs that might have a problem go through this situation.  On the outside they smile and tell others that they are fine. When really on the inside their hurt, and might not think they're the same as everyone else. So these people have to look within themselves, at 'what lies beneath', and express their feelings to others. And that, is the hardest part of everyone's life; asking for help. 

Marker Drawing, 8 1/2 x 11" 

M. "Finding Who You Are", by Samantha W. 

"My art is about finding who you truly are on the inside. It relates to the theme because you have to look within yourself."

Pencil Drawing & Collage 


N. "Paint The Eye", by Kavia A. 

"When you look within the eyes of a horse, your whole perspective changes. You start to see things differently. I think that this photograph shows that the gentle eyes of this horse makes your heart soften a little. Makes you feel better. I have always loved horses and when I heard the theme was 'Look Within', I immediately thought of them. I think this photograph shows that the eyes make you look within." Photograph, 4 x 6"



JUDGES 2019-2020

Amy Alinkofsky, Camp Director and Program Coordinator at Rockland Center for the Arts


Lisa D’Amico, MFA, PhD. Art Education, Curator, Writer, Artist, and Arts Council of Rockland Board Member 


Tracy DeFeciani, Marketing Research Analyst/Computer Programmer at Target Research Group, Digital Marketing Director at Hot Tub Spa Supplies, Co-President of Neighborhood Pantry and School Garden Coordinator at William O Schaefer Elementary School.


Tatiana DiPierno, M.A. Art Education.  SOCSD Art Educator, Artist


Donna Grasso, M.A. Art Education, MS SP ED,  SOCSD Educator, Artist


Carole Perry, M.A. Art Historian, Appraiser, Curator, and Arts Council of Rockland Board Member 


Dina Wolleben, Realtor, SOMS PTSA Vice President/Parent/Member, Artist/Art Therapist


Linda J. Stankard, M.A., Area Pro Realty of Rockland; Broker/Owner, Nanuet Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Director of Annual Student Art Exhibit/Celebration for Nanuet School District, Artist/Writer


Announcing the 2020-2021 Reflections Theme

From National PTA: Student, Rylee Stier, a 1st grade student from California State PTA’s Thirteenth District, has been selected as the 2020-2021 Reflections Theme Search Contest winner! Rylee’s submission “I Matter Because…” was selected from nearly

100 student submissions across 21 states.

As National PTA’s Theme Search Contest winner,

Rylee will receive $100 from National PTA and recognition in their 2019 Awards & Reflections Celebration program at the annual convention.




President - Jean Irizarry

1st VP - Sherese Capasso-LoBlanco

2nd VP -  Matthew Schwartz

Treasurer - Tina O'Keefe

Reversing Secy - Lisa Connolly

Corresponding Secy Allyson Sullivan


Reflections Chair

Colleen Vanderhoef

TZHS Principal - Rudy Arietta



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